Sagredo ([personal profile] sagredo) wrote2010-06-06 08:15 pm

Not Anti-Oppression

Right, let's get started.

I'm not particularly focused on ending oppression. I am interested in truth, not only the truth about the world, but the role truth plays in intercultural complaints. I have a thesis, which I should like to examine. It's that misinformation is the root of offence.

For instance, the phrase "cultural appropriation" suggests theft. But I think in every case, people are upset by some kind of misinformation. The general answer to the question "when is it OK to copy someone else's culture" is something like, whenever one is not making false claims, even implicitly, even unwittingly. And by and large one cannot be sure one is not misrepresenting without knowledge of the culture. Ignorance is no excuse. There is no general scheme without reference to the particular culture. You have to get it right.

Posts here are likely to be short and many will be reposts of my comments in other blogs.