Sagredo ([personal profile] sagredo) wrote2011-09-17 12:55 am

Some Silly Arguments Against Palestinian Statehood Sorted

Vague Complaints, Warnings and Threats

"There will be violence." From whom?

"This is contrary to peace." How?

"There will be adverse negative consequences at a fragile time." What, exactly?

"The Palestinians are wasting time." There's been little progress for years, so I think they can reasonably spend a month or two.

Specific Claims

"Only negotiations will lead to independence." Correct. And the Palestinians remain open to negotiations as before, just as soon as Israel stops building settlements on their land. Seeking statehood does not change that.

"There will be Palestinian violence when they discover they don't have an independent state." The Palestinian public have realistic expectations and are aware that this is at best the first step on the road to independence.

"There will be a harsh Israeli response." That's Israel's responsibility, despite Israel's usual "now look what you made me do" justification.

"Palestine will prosecute Israeli government officials in the ICC." If they are guilty, they should be prosecuted. If they are not guilty, they should welcome the chance for exoneration.

"It's part of a plot to destroy Israel." Actually, the application for statehood explicitly commits the state of Palestine to the 1967 borders.

"The Palestinians are not interested in a two-state solution." They are applying to be recognised as the "second state" exactly in line with a two-state solution.

"It empowers Hamas." Actually, it sidelines Hamas, who have denounced the statehood bid.

"It's one-sided." Sure, let's have a UN declaration that recognises both Israel and Palestine as member states.

Other Canards

"The settlements are a red herring." In that case, Israel can easily stop them simply to call the Palestinians' bluff.

"The 1967 borders are Auschwitz borders!" Actually, it is Israel that is pursuing a policy of Judaisation to obtain more lebensraum. To be honest I don't think comparisons with WWII much favour Israel.

"The Palestinians must recognise Israel as a Jewish state." Israel should not be a "Jewish state", any more than the USA should be a "white state". Israel should be an Israeli state.

"The proposed Palestine will be purged of Jews." The proposed Palestine will be purged of settlers who wish to live under Israeli law.

"No matter what the Palestinians do or say, they really just want to kill all the Jews." It's possible. Then again, rather similar accusations have, historically, been made against Jews.

"We have this book that says that God says that the land belongs to Jews." That's interesting, because I have this book that says that all Jews are going to hell unless they accept this guy Jesus as their saviour. But maybe the books are lying?